Eagles Take Share Of District Title

 Thursday night the Lady Eagles hosted the Baytown Christian Bulldogs with a share of the District Title on the line.  The Bulldogs took the previous matchup in Baytown in straight sets (18-25, 20-25, 15-25). Although Baytown won the first matchup, the Eagles were confident in their abilities to win the second time around. "The first time we played them up there we blew it. We had them on the ropes in every set and I think we panicked" said Crihfield "The day after we dropped that game we went to work on setting up our offense and defense to beat them the next time around. The girls committed to being focused in practice with the goal of outworking Baytown all week long."


 As fate would have it, it took every bit of focus, energy, and effort for the Eagles to defend their home court against district rival Baytown. 

 Baytown Christian came out of the gate with very aggressive serving and took the first two sets (15-25 , 23-25). But then something changed.


"We talked about how hard we had worked all week long for this moment. How there is a reason we play best of 5. How we're not going to let teams come in to our house and take district titles" said Crihfield in the intermission between sets 2 and 3. "It got them fired up, and then we had ourselves a game"

 The Eagles stormed back to take sets three (25-19), four (25-19) and the fifth and deciding set (15-10). "It was like all of the work we have put in finally clicked and came together all at once. All of the concepts we were struggling to understand suddenly made perfect sense and we could use them effectively." said Crihfield "We are peaking at the right time. Two weeks until playoffs start. If we can continue to play like this, we are going to turn some heads. These girls deserve it. They have given this program so much time, energy, and emotion. I am just so happy for them right now."

The Eagles have to finish out their district schedule vs. Chinquapin, Briarwood, and Robert Beren. If both BCS and Baytown take care of the remaining three teams in district it will set up a tie break game on October 21st with the winner getting a bye in the first round of the playoffs.