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Robby Crihfield_edited.png

Robby Crihfield

athletic director

Danny Martin_edited.png

danny martin

associate athleitc director

varsity football - asst. coach

BCS_Logo2 (2) (1).png

kristen blagg

assistant athletic director

varsity volleyball - head coach

Ricky Austin_edited.png

Ricky austin

Varsity Football - head  Coach

Varsity Boys track and field - head Coach

BCS_Logo2 (2) (1).png

shelia austin

junior high girls basketball - head coach

junior high track and field - head coach

BCS_Logo2 (2) (1).png

kathryn balser

junior high volleyball - head coach

BCS_Logo2 (2) (1).png

randy brooks

varsity football - asst. coach

varsiity track and field - asst. coach

Cody Burris_edited.png

cody burris

Varsity golf - head  Coach


danny kier

varsity baseball - head coach

BCS_Logo2 (2) (1).png


junior high boys coach

BCS_Logo2 (2) (1).png

kenny ressecker

varsity girls softball - head coach


laura sandler

junior high girls coach


jamon speed

varsity boys basketball - head coach


cassandra sullivan

varsity girls basketball - head coach

varsity girls track and field - head coach

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